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The Washington Sculpture Center (WSC) is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that promotes:

  • The teaching of sculpture including glass, metal, and stone to all levels of students so that they may develop their creative potential.
  • The promotion and placement of sculptures in public spaces in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.
  • The promotion of cultural and artistic exchange with artists from other parts of the country and the world.

The WSC was founded in 2003 by businesswoman, Patricia Ghiglino, and artist, Reinaldo López, to offer opportunities for area youth and general public to develop their creative potential and promote the placement of art works in public places.



The Washington Sculpture Center aims to promote the teaching of sculpture to beginning through advanced students. It is the first public access educational program in the District of Columbia that will offer sculpture classes in the mediums of glass, metal, and stone.

Reinaldo López is well known in the community for his contributions in the restoration of the Taft Memorial Bridge Lions in Washington, DC. He also made the new bronze lions that guard the main entrance to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, the monumental granite sculpture at the entrance to the Patriot Center at George Mason University in Virginia and many others.

Ms. Ghiglino, local business owner, decided to dedicate her focus to the Washington Sculpture Center. Her idea is not only to make the teaching of sculpture more accessible to the youth, the community and the public in general; but also to promote the placement of art works in public spaces, both indoors and out. She believes that sculptures should be easily accessible and enjoyed by everyone placed in every neighborhood in the metropolitan area.

The Washington Sculpture Center also plans to have a public sculpture park, where sculptures will be placed on a permanent and rotating basis. Sculptures will be made of a variety of materials including plants, where we can enjoy through the seasons how a perennial sculpture transforms itself. This sculpture park will be evolving and constantly changing due to the influence of growth, decay, weathering and aging process. This can be invaluable for developing the creativity of the youth and infuse new creative process for the adult population. WSC will also hold a sculpture symposium every two years, where sculptors will make their works of art in public, so the everyone can observe and learn how a sculpture is created.

The WSC offers classes in blacksmithing, bronze casting, stone carving, mold making, mosaics, stained glass, structural glass and much more.





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